The Pacific War Trilogy - Boxed Set

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Ian W.

Signed Hardback -  Three Volume Set
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THE PACIFIC WAR TRILOGY consists of Ian Toll's three masterpieces that tell  the story  from beginning to end: Pacific Crucible, The Conquering Tide, and Twilight of the Gods. A gripping narrative saga of the history of World War Two in this theater is considered by many critics to be the most significent chronicle written.


THIS BOXED SET (showne below) was hand signed by Ian Toll on beautiful bookplates on the endpapers of each copy. It is a new, unread,hardback set, opened only for bookplates and comes with a certificate authenticating the signature. Individually published in November 2011, September 2015, and September 2020 by W.W. Norton. The new gorgeous slipcase edition with jackets redesigned to make one panoramic view was published in December, 2022, and comes with a broadsheet also hand signed by Ian Toll.


IAN TOLL (pictured below from our Wall of Fame) is considered the leading living authority on naval history of World War Two in the Pacific. Thank you Ian Toll for signing our books.

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