The Broken Road: George Wallace and a Daughter's Journey to Reconciliation

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Peggy Wallace


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THE BROKEN ROAD is the memoir of Peggy Wallace Kennedy, daughter of infamous Alabama governor and presidential candidate George Wallace. She delves into what it was like growing up the daughter of the bombastic Wallace, reveals the private side of her father that many never knew, and explains why she has dedicated her life to spreading the message her father took up in his later years: one renouncing segregation and racism in favor of peace and compassion.


THIS COPY (shown below) was hand signed on the title page by Peggy Wallace Kennedy at the store. It is a new, unread first edition opened only for signing and comes with a certificate authenticating the signature. Published in December, 2019 by Bloomsbury Publishing and distributed by Macmillan.


PEGGY WALLACE KENNEDY (pictured below from our Wall of Fame) is the second daughter of former Alabama governors George and Lurleen Wallace. She has been honored by the Southern Christian Leadership Foundation, the MLK Comission, and the Emmett Till Legacy Foundation, among others. Thank you Peggy Wallace Kennedy for signing our books.

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