The Seamstress of New Orleans

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Diane C.

Signed First Edition - Hardback
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THE SEAMSTRESS OF NEW ORLEANS bonds two women facing terrible times who struggle together at the turn of the twentieth century. Readers are treated to the author's in-depth research and personal knowledge of the inner workings of a women's Mardi Gras organization. Throw in dangerous criminals and Women's Sufferage and you have a page-turner.


THIS COPY (shown below) was signed by Diane McPhail on the title page at the store. It is a new, unread first edition opened only for signing. Published in May, 2022 by John Scognamiglio Books, an imprint of Kensington Publishing.


DIANE C. MCPHAIL (pictured below from our Wall of Fame) is an artist, writer, and minster from North Carolina. She has attended writing programs at Ole Miss, Duke, the University of Iowa, and Yale. Thank you Diane  McPhail for signing our books.

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