Redhead by the Side of the Road

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REDHEAD BY THE SIDE OF THE ROAD finds Micah, a cautious tech expert in Baltimore and a creature of habit, dealing with a string of sudden surprises that turn his life upside down, like his girlfriend getting an eviction notice and a young man coming to his door and claiming to be his son, and all told with Anne's Pulitzer Prize-winning deft prose and charming wit.


THIS COPY (shown below) was hand signed on the title page by Anne Tyler at her office. It is a new, unread first edition opened only for signing and comes with a certificate authenticating the signature. Published in April, 2020 by Knopf, an imprint of Penguin Random House.


ANNE TYLER (pictured below from our Wall of Fame) credited her high school English teacher for her writing accomplishments. This is not unusual for successful writers, but it carries more weight when we discover that other students Phyllis Peacock taught at N.B. Broughton High School in Raleigh, North Carolina were Reynolds Price and Armistead Maupin. Anne Tyler was a finalist for the Pulitzer Prize three times before winning the prestigious honor. She has won almost every award her craft has to offer and has written more than twenty books. She is one of her generation's most respected wordsmiths. Thank you Anne Tyler for signing our books.

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