Hal Albritton

YEAR BEGAN COLLECTING:  I was born in 1960 and still have the copy of Mother Goose that was given to me as a cradle gift, so about 60 years.
SHELVING SYSTEM:  Mostly alpha by author for fiction, alpha by subject matter for non-fiction
NUMBER OF COPIES:  I don’t really know because I have books squirreled all over the house in addition to my library.  I would estimate 1500 – 2000, but I’ve probably given away about that many over the years as well.
FAVORITES:  Pat Conroy, William Styron, Robert McCammon, Wiley Cash, Robert Penn Warren, and Harper Lee
FAVORITE PART OF HAVING SIGNED BOOKS:  I feel more of a connection to the author knowing that he or she held my particular copy in hand and signed it
COLLECTING COMMENTS:  Had I known how addictive collecting signed first editions was, I might well have stuck with my copy of Mother Goose!  I have a box of personalized bookmarks that I use and each one contains a Rick Bragg quote on the back which I find appropriate:  “I hope I will never have a life that is not surrounded by books, by books that are bound in paper and cloth and glue, such perishable things for ideas have lasted thousands of years…I hope I am always walled in by the very weight and breadth and clumsy, inefficient antiquated bulk of them, hope that I spend my last days on this Earth arranging and rearranging them on thrones of good, honest pine, oak, and mahogany, because I just like to look at their covers, and dream of the promise of the great stories inside”.